Privacy Policy


Here at Complete Tech Solutions (NW) Limited, we don't hold personal data. We may have your phone number / email address or other information that is publicly available, or that you've agreed to provide us with in order to provide our services. This data will never be given to, or shared with, anybody else outside of Complete Tech Solutions (NW) Limited without your written consent. This data is stored within an email database on our own in-house server, it is inaccessible by anyone outside of Complete Tech Solutions (NW) Limited

Complete Tech Solutions (NW) Limited don't operate a mailing list / subscription.


Any cookies that may be downloaded to your device from our website, will be covered by the Privacy Policy of the Web Host that we use ( currently &  ), Complete Tech Solutions (NW) Limited do not use cookies as part of the website

Complete Tech Solutions (NW) Limited will likely receive your contact information, if you use the contact pages on any website we may be linked on.

In order to progress any orders for services, Banking Information may be requested, this information will be passed to the relevant Supplier ( as detailed on the paperwork ) and then removed from the systems of Complete Tech Solutions (NW) Limited.

By contacting us, you agree that we may use the information provided for the means of ongoing contact to determine and provide services.